US Teacher Appreciation Week


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Coming to America

Today we have a certain number of years since we came to America. And on the funny note, we just heard on the radio that the a new Coming to America movie will be released this year.

So many years… Wow, how time fly!! We came with the plan to stay for a few years and then come back to our original country. But look at us – we are still here and the relationship that we have created with this country (and some people from here) gets deeper and deeper every day.

Did we find the America’s dream? At some extend, we did. But in the same time, we lost some of our traditions, we lost touch with some family members and friends, and some of our roots are getting lose. I know this is the price we all have to pay if you live in another country. I have days when I wonder what was in our head to take this decision (to come to America). And believe me, even today, I still don’t have the a clear answer.

Have you ever feel the same?