This is a cute and very creative way to encourage kids before an exam.

My kid got it yesterday from his teacher.

Thank you, Mrs. A!



History PhD

I was intrigued enough to take a history test today and now I feel very proud of myself. 😜

Thanks to my European heritage, my teachers, and my reading – I scored 92%. I still need to learn more about American presidents and about Chinese history…


If you want to test your history knowledge, use this link:,1517196016,khp22i8u

Ah, another thing – should I mention I was a history national champion in 8th grade?

You rock! You rule!

I’m doing English test practice with my kid, and while he is filling out the test, I’m checking some stuff on my laptop.

I’m sooo proud of him for doing this and not whining about.  I am a proud mama. 🙂

See the picture below. It fits perfect with our situation. What do you say, am I right?