Today is a special day – my first born is turning 10.

Happy birthday, son!

Stay happy, healthy and blessed on your special day … and every day of the year!

May your birthday and all your tomorrows be blessed with everything good in life!

We love you so very much!


P.S. We gave his classmates cupcakes today and the teacher told us that when her son turned 10, her mother said that now he is a “tenager“. So funny! 😛


It’s a beautiful rainy day!


Today was a rainy day in my town. The view from my office was something very similar with the picture above. I have a coworker who said to me: “Every time when it’s raining, I’m thinking of your son.” The reason behind her words is because my son has an expression that he uses when it’s raining – “It’s a beautiful rainy day!”.

Can you see the innocence in my kid, in all the kids actually? They see the beauty in every thing, even in the ones that we, as adults, stopped see it.


Letter for dad

My husband always finds something “to do” than stay with the kids. It can be groceries’ shopping, going to a movie or just going to take another look at the latest gadgets at Best Buy.

My oldest son is almost always disappointed that his dad has, again, plans to go somewhere.

Yesterday he wrote a letter to his dad. I personally almost cried when I read it.

See below the letter. Ignore the punctuation…he was upset and he is in second grade. 😳