Which one is you?

I think life is as beautiful as you want it to be. It’s your choice. Look at this picture – one girl is smiling,  and the other one is crying. Which one is you?


I am the happy one, maybe because I love rain.

January challenges

Since January is a non-important-events month for me, I always find it that it passes very slow. But this time around I set up some challenges for myself, and whoever wants to join me.

I have multiple challenges, so I will do them for a month. In the majority of cases, I will have a picture at the beginning and one at the end. See the description of each one of the challenges below:

1. Cleaning my teeth with the black toothpaste that contains charcoal. It is said is going to whitening my teeth. This challenge will be done with my older son.

2. Taking a picture of a place, person, or myself for 31 days. Then make a video with those pictures. This is another challenge that my older son is interested in. I most likely take pictures of the sky, and my kid will take a picture of himself. Or maybe I will do the sky and a daily portrait of my son. Still not 100% sure.

3. Happiness or blessing jar – every day I add a piece of paper where I wrote what made me happy that day or what I am thankful/blessed for. This is more for my kid – to make him realize how lucky and blessed he is with all he has right now in his life.

4. Probably the most challenging one – 100 squats for a month. I want to have leaner thighs, so this challenge looks like a good start. To make it easier, I will follow a YouTube video from the FitnessBlender. I really-really want to do this challenge with my son, since he really needs to lose some weight.

5. Drink first thing in the morning warm water with juice from a lemon. The same approach I will do it in the night, but just before I go to bed. I really hope I will shed some weight with this challenge.

6. Dedicate at least one hour daily to learn  something in my work field (I know exactly what, but I don’t want to bore you with details). This will help me in the future in the professional world. I will start with one hour for now, but I think it’s more than one month challenge.

7. Read or listen to a joke every day. In this way, I can smile at least once a day.

What do you think about my January challenges? Do you think I can do them all? I really hope so. I will post the results on the beginning of February.

Wish me (and my son) good luck!🍀