I ❤️ my sister

Today- my sister and I celebrate “our day“.

I love you, little one!!!

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Siblings day

Apparently today (April 10) is Siblings Day 2018 in United States of America. And since I have a sister, I cannot miss this opportunity to laugh a little with my dear one.




And my favorite of all times (when it comes to my sister). Love you, O!


For my sister

I have a sister and today is “our day”. A long time ago, when we were kids, we picked a date as a day only for the two of us. That day was August 29. We decided back then to see where life will send us, and since that year, we celebrate our day every year. Today we are so far apart on two different continents, but  very close in our hearts …

Love you, sis! Another year passed and we are getting older and.. …wiser. 😛

2 sis.png