Crazy morning

What a crazy morning?!! Long lines at school, bad traffic, and a meeting starting at 8:00 a.m. Who decided to put a meeting so early in the morning when you need to drop your kids to school first? Do they know that the school does not open before 7:30 a.m. ?

I need some relax time and since I’m at work, the only thing that I can do is to look at this picture. This nice candle surrounded by lavender will help me see the day in a new light.


Snakes & lizards

You know, since is Summer break and the kids are in vacation, I need to find funny way to do math with my kids. This is the fun problem that we resolved it last night. Hope you like it!

How many snakes and how many lizards are in a group, if there are 30 heads and 72 feet in total?

Note: Tip – look at the picture below.



5 layers cake

Yesterday my kid showed me his result to this year English Reading exam. I was so proud of him – he got Level 5 (the best). When the teacher wrote the result in his school’s agenda, she told him – “You’ll have cake tonight, right?”.

And now my son wants a 5 layers cake – each layer for each one of the 5 levels from the exam he mastered. With a big “Congrats!” message on top of the cake.

And now me – I’m looking for a good recipe for a 5 layers cake. Do you have any healthy recipe?

I’m looking at something similar to these below.

tort-cu-crema-roz-si-alba-ok  5layers.png