Math is fun

Since today my kid has his last math test for this school year, let me show you one funny math problem. I always try to engage my kid into resolving math problems in a fun way, because I think this is the best method for kids to practice math – they don’t see them doing math, but doing something fun.

bike with light.jpg

One bike with one light costs 1100$.
The bike is with 1000$ more than the light.
How much does the light cost?

For my older son


Because I had a fight with my older kid.

Son, I am your mother – I only want the best for you, and I will say it (and maybe even yell at you) if I think it’s needed. If I do it, it’s because that thing needs to be done at that time and the way it’s supposed to.

So, let’s see the big picture, and save ourselves the headache and do things good (and my way) from the beginning.