For my mom!

Happy birthday to my mama – she is the best mom in the whole world, my rock, and my best friend!

I love you so much, mommy! 


And yes – she LOVES green! 


To the moon and back!


My older boy was sick last night, and he got a little worst this morning. Because of this, we had to skip the karate graduation. The sensei recommended to stay home, too afraid to get more kids sick. My son will get his new belt at his first class next week.

When he was sick, he was cuddling next to me and he was repeating – “I love you, mommy!”. He has no idea how much those words meant for me – I am thrilled that he still accepts my company (because now he is a big boy, he can handle some things alone), and that I am still am his first choice when he needs somebody.

I love you to the moon and back, my big, smart, sweet, and stubborn boy!



Bad mom

I am such a bad mother…I didn’t want to blame it on the job, but today was not a good day for me. I ignored my kid’s complaints about his injured arm (yesterday he injured his arm on the monkey’s bar) because I thought that swimming is important for him….and we got to the swimming lessons exactly when the lesson was over. We were supposed to be there a half hour EARLY. And I was the one who said the “supposed” hour and I was 100% sure it was the good one. But I messed up the days. We have the swimming lesson at 7:30 on Tuesday, not today. 😞

The kid cried his eyes out in the car, but there was nothing I could have done.

To make him stopped crying, I promised him a Kinder egg, like letting him eat sugar so late in the evening was a good idea (how stupid of me!). And then I had the nerve to ask myself why he doesn’t want to sleep…

Yep, I am a bad mom…😢