Happy birthday, my first born!

Happy birthday, son! We love you very much! May God give you health, joy, and protection all your life! 

birthday wish.jpg

Fun facts that happened today (and it’s only 9 in the morning):

  • his history teacher called him to wish him a happy birthday! And she told us (the parents), that our son is an excellent student, and that she adores him. We were very happily surprised, proud, and blessed at the same time. ❤
  • I put my husband’s phone in my son’s backpack, when we drop him off at school, because I thought it was our son’s phone. Imagine him having his backpack ringing, and having no idea why. 🙂 This caused us to call him back from school to retrieve the phone. And just like that, we also got our self a funny story to remember/tell in the future.

Different I love you

True. My husband doesn’t say often “I love you”.  But I know he does. And he’s showing me this with other words, or some actions.


Please read

I found this story on Facebook. 😢 Such a sad story. But I think can be helpful for some people, so I am sharing it with you all. Please read and tell  your children/friends to read (and understand) it too.


Yesterday, my 19 year-old nephew Nicolas died from a drug overdose. A day after his birthday. Nineteen, just nineteen.

He wasn’t a drug kid. He wasn’t battling demons. He did what thousands and thousands of us have done at one time or another – went to a concert with friends, took something someone gave him, and settled in for a good night of fun. Except this time what he thought he took wasn’t at all what he took. How could he know? How could any of us know? Whatever it was, it was laced with Fentanyl. Ninety to 100 times stronger than morphine. Fifty times stronger than heroin. Cheap to make and easy to mix into a batch of anything to make it stronger. Ecstasy. Xanax. Coke. Four other kids died in San Diego in the last 24 hours from another batch of Fentanyl-laced Oxy. Drink a few beers and it magnifies the effects. And at some point you just fall asleep and your breathing slows and your heart crawls to a stop.

Even a nineteen year-old heart.

I have three children of my own, around this same age, born from a father who played loose with the rules when he was in their shoes. I’m not preaching from a high horse. I’m begging on my knees. Please, please, please don’t let Nicolas die in vain. Find another outlet. Have a margarita. Pass a joint if you must. But don’t take a pill or a powder no matter what you think you know or who you know. I’m watching unbearable things in real time. A family being torn apart. Faith shattered. Things that can never be undone.

Andrew, Julia and Chase – you are my world. Please don’t ever leave it.

Find someone you love and let them know.

For Nicolas.

That’s love

I just had a hard week (last week) – I had unexpected gallbladder removal surgery.

My husband was my rock – he did a fantastic job. He stayed with me in the hospital as much as he could, and also supported the rest of the family by dropping-off / picking-up the kids from school, buying groceries, putting the kids to bed, and also working.

I am very proud of him. Because I know it was hard on him, I know it was out of his comfort zone, it was something new for him. But he did it, even with a smile on his face.

Hey baby – I found this picture online, and I thought of you. Love you – Thank you for everything! ❤️