Mine it will be you

Just beautiful, especially for today.


16 ❤️

For my husband, after 16 years – I love you to bits! ❤️ Piece yourself together and come give me a kiss to celebrate our anniversary! 😘🥂🍀🎉


I asked myself this question when I saw some beautiful (and sexy ☺️) clothes.  The first thing that crossed my mind was maybe I’ll buy them when I get older. Then I thought – is no better time than the present. I’m almost 40 – if I’m not wearing those clothes now, they will look silly on me at 50.

So, my dear friends – make 2019 a year you put yourself first! Do things you always wanted to do, but always postponed them! Buy things that make you happy, and beautiful! Enjoy life to the max – you are worth it! Because if not now, then when?