Heart health awareness



Chubby healthy person

I have the results for my  blood work for this year. What can I say?! – Not bad.
Let me give you some data:

Blood Sugar  = 90 mg/dL
Cholesterol HDL = 50 mg/dL
Cholesterol Total  = 183 mg/dL
Cholesterol ratio =  3.7
Triglycerides = 94 mg/dL
Blood Pressure = 96/70
BMI = 26.3 kg/m2


And since the BMI reference range is 18.5-24.9 – it is official: I am a chubby healthy person.
I am also a happy person and proud of myself, my family, and my accomplishments.
So life is still good, even with a little extra pounds. 😛

2017 goals

Do you have your 2017 goals set up?

I’m still working on my own. In general, I want to take my driving licence, pass the PMP certification, and help my kid get good grades on his exams. And maybe being a better mom.😳

Having good health and being a great person are the standards for every year, that’s why I didn’t include them in  the next year goals.