One wish



My answer would be – A long, healthy, and happy life for my family and me.



2017 goals

Do you have your 2017 goals set up?

I’m still working on my own. In general, I want to take my driving licence, pass the PMP certification, and help my kid get good grades on his exams. And maybe being a better mom.­čś│

Having good health and being a great person are the standards for every year, that’s why I didn’t include them in ┬áthe next year goals.


Remedies for hypertension

A few weeks ago I was asking for natural remedies for hight blood pressure. When I was doing my own resurch I found out that there is nothing natural that can help you to be good again. There are a lot of options to help you lower it or prevent it. But nothing is like a miracle cure. Out of all the good advices, I only saved this picture, and I want to share it with you guys. Maybe it would be beneficial for some of you. Mine-while, stay healthy!