So happy

Today we had the 2 1/2 pediatric visit with our little one. I was a little scared, because my boy is afraid of doctors and to go into new buildings. But we “survived” with the minimum crying and fussing.

It was a surprise for my husband and me to see that no shots (vaccines) were needed at this stage. We don’t do the FLU vaccine, so that is out of the question. We are up-to-date with all the vaccines and the pediatric mentioned that the next visit with vaccines will be at age 4.

As I said, happy that was not today, but a little confused that it’s such a big gap between  vaccines.

Was this happening to you too?



I am 100% agreeing with this one.  It looks like we stopped enjoying just sitting beside the loved one doing nothing. I am as guilty as it gets, since when I sit next to my husband, I tend to do something else (checking my phone, reading something or even watching TV). Maybe we should go back to origins…. and just enjoy doing nothing sitting beside each other.