The correct attitude

I feel like this was written especially for me, since I am the “push” or “perfectionist” parent in the family.



Education vs Intelligence

I should read those two quotes when I’m upset with my older kid. He is a very smart boy (140 IQ), but a lazy one. And because of this laziness, sometimes, he brings home not so good grades.



I need some help

My kid is in third grade and he got 880 at his lexile level. Hurray!!!!!!!  So, now he needs to read more advanced books and I’m willing to pay a fee to got access to some books that he can read online. I know that real books are more appropriate for him, but I don’t always have the time to go to the bookstore and buy them.

Do you know any website where my boy can read books? As I said, I don’t want free websites (although it will be nice to know about them), I am open to pay for the services.

Can you help me?