Since the main focus is the father-kid relation, I think it is appropriate to publish this post a day before Father’s day (in USA).

This quote is a reminder for me that I am not such a good parent. I do tend to be very negative when my expectation from my kid is discussed. Although he is an A straight student, I think that he can do way better that that. I want him to really want to improve himself everyday, to love to do math problems, to read as much as possible, and to strive to be the best in his year. Those were my ambitions when I was in school, and I am a little (or a lot) frustrated that my son is not the same.  I am very guilty that I don’t believe him 100%  when he says he will try to do his best for a test. I will love for him to say: “Yes mom, I can guarantee you that I will do perfect!”. I know that we all are humans, and it is impossible to guarantee that, but I still want perfection. Because I know he can.

I know that my husband is more acceptable; he is always ready to “negotiate” to get the best result without yelling, and he is always keeping his calm. And, the best thing about him is that he truly believes in our son.

Than’s why I put this picture on my blog. It should be a reminder for me that everyone is a different person on his/her own. I should never compare my kids with me, with us. We lived in different times and nothing is like it used to be. Having faith starts with your family. And the first thing that a family should do is believe in themselves.


Great mom

Since is Mother’s Day here in USA, and I am a mom too, I want to share a funny thing about me.

When I had my youngest son, my older one bought me this mug when he came for the first time to see me and his little brother in the hospital.


Apparently the divinity knew I was not that great, because after a few months I chipped the mug. 😳😜


I don’t use it anymore, but I keep it, because it’s cute, and it was a nice gift from one of my favorite people in the whole world.