Probably my priest will not be too happy that I’m posting this, but I found it too funny not to.

Forgive me, Father!



Nothing is better than…

My kid was playing with his LEGO toys, and told me that he will use a lego wheelbarrow as a shopping cart. I’ve nodded to let him know that I heard him, and continued with my cooking. He played by himself for a few minutes, and as always he talked about/with his toys.

Then I’ve heard a sentence that made me smile – Nothing is better than chocolate.

I’ve asked him – “Nothing is better than chocolate? Where did you hear that?”

He gave me a reply that I was not expected

“No mommy, I didn’t say chocolate, I’ve said shopping. Nothing  is better than shopping!”


Black Friday

I am guilty this year too – yesterday I bought online a lot of shirts to add to my already big collection of shirts. But now I’m thinking – I need extra hangers. 😳 Maybe I can buy them on sale today. 😜

Vintage reminder

Today I used my hand to remember something. One dear coworker of mine have asked me if I like to write on me. And I told her that since I didn’t have the phone with me, I’ve used an old childhood method – writing on the back (or front) of my hand. I call it – a vintage reminder. 😄