Is this written for me?Β Because although my kid is a straight A student, I always find something to criticize his work. I know that he can do way better, trying to show him that knowledge has no limits, but I should also applaud his hard work, his success, and his accomplishments.Β 

God –Β  I’m such a bad person, bad parent, bad mother! πŸ˜₯



Did you watch Dora the Explorer?Β  If you have kids, most likely you did. And probably, as the most of us, you got tired of that show.

But now, it’s a hope for all of us. A new movie is coming in August. It’s called Dora and the lost city of gold, and it looks very promising. See yourself the trailer below.

I will go for sure to see it in theater, but with my older son (he’s 11), not the little one (he’s only 4).

Dora, Boots, and Diego – here we come!

Cake contest

Today we watched Nailed It! show on Netflix. This show is about ordinary people trying to recreate a masterpiece cake. Some people are really, really bad, but full of confidence. Loved their spirit.

So, my older kid decided we should have a family cake contest. And since Easter is coming, the cake theme was Easter egg.

See below the final cakes. Please choose the one that you like the most. I will not tell you which one was mine, since I don’t want influence your vote.

Cake #1:


Cake # 2: