Friends and family


Are you agreeing? I am blessed to have my family increased with at least 3 members.


First driving lesson

Today I had my first driving lesson in almost 11 years. Hurray!

I took our family van, my husband, and I start driving. Well, if you call that “driving”.  I drove around my community’s lake for 7 times, and then in a park (because there are not too many cars in there). My speed did not exceed 25 miles/h, but I am very proud of myself for starting.

I have a fear of driving that I need to overcome, and today was the first step in that direction.

So, ladies and gentlemen – if you see a red van, driving very slow, please don’t honk the horn, don’t yell and, for the love of God, please don’t scare me. Say a prayer for me instead. I need all the help that I can get.

driving car cartoon [320x200]

To end in a positive way, I would say – Today was a good day. I had my first driving lesson (like in forever) and I DIDN’T HIT ANYTHING!!!