To the moon and back!


My older boy was sick last night, and he got a little worst this morning. Because of this, we had to skip the karate graduation. The sensei recommended to stay home, too afraid to get more kids sick. My son will get his new belt at his first class next week.

When he was sick, he was cuddling next to me and he was repeating – “I love you, mommy!”. He has no idea how much those words meant for me – I am thrilled that he still accepts my company (because now he is a big boy, he can handle some things alone), and that I am still am his first choice when he needs somebody.

I love you to the moon and back, my big, smart, sweet, and stubborn boy!



I’m on vacation

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls – I am officially on VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

giphy (1).gif

If you are wandering what I’ll do on vacation, this is the list:

  • holidays cleaning (the house and the car)
  • cooking for all the holidays and trying new recipes
  • math and English test practices with my kid
  • buying new wardrobe for the holidays and for work

And since it’s winter (and I love it), I did a quick search for some gif images. I picked some images that remind me of my childhood and my hometown.

Enjoy guys! Hope you’ll be in vacation very soon too!