World Blood Donor Day

Today – June 14 – is the World Blood Donor Day.

world-blood-donor-day 2018




So, please DONATE


Red Nose Day


Tomorrow – May 24, 2018 is the Red Nose Day. If you wander what is this day stands for, this is the answer:

The most prominent symbol of Comic Relief is a plastic/foam “red nose”, which is given in various supermarkets and charity shops such as Oxfam in exchange for a donation to the charity and to make others laugh. People are encouraged to wear the noses on Red Nose Day to help raise awareness of the charity.

For more answers to your questions to Red Nose Day – click here.

Actually, you can get the whole picture if you visit this site (among other sites):

The bottom line, buy some funny red noses, donate something (if you can), and make someone smile.  🙂

Fighting to survive

No matter how good or bad you think life is, wake up each day and be thankful for life.

Someone somewhere else is fighting to survive.


Since hurricane Matthew was so devastating in Haiti, let’s all help those people. Donate something. Anything matters.