International Day of Happiness

Today is International Day of Happiness!

So – BE HAPPY, guys!!!!




Those beautiful flowers are my husband surprise for today. I just love yellow flowers and especially daffodils. They smell absolutely divine.

I totally recommend them to bright up your day!

Thank you, baby!!!


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It’s a beautiful rainy day!


Today was a rainy day in my town. The view from my office was something very similar with the picture above. I have a coworker who said to me: “Every time when it’s raining, I’m thinking of your son.” The reason behind her words is because my son has an expression that he uses when it’s raining – “It’s a beautiful rainy day!”.

Can you see the innocence in my kid, in all the kids actually? They see the beauty in every thing, even in the ones that we, as adults, stopped see it.