Children in us

I believe that all of us have a child inside, no matter the age. And that innocent child will always be there to rise us up when we are down and when only a childish approach is the only solution. I found this picture on the net and the first thing that crossed my mind was that even when you are mad/sad with a person, the child in you wants to put a stop to that dispute. You know how children are – they are crying and mad at you and after five minutes you are again his/her best friend.

Are you agreeing with me ? Do you like this picture?


Free stuff

Today I had an interesting and fun discussion with my older kid.

I have asked him if he is sure I’m his mom, because I could not remember perfectly, but there is a chance I have bought him from a gipsy family for one pound of sugar.

He laughed at me and told me that he is sure I am his mom. And then he pointed to my belly and said: “I came from here, and I was for FREE!”