Day one


I decided – Day one. In my case, day one for three events:

  1. Day one of the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification training
  2. Day one of drinking water with ginger and lemon in the morning
  3. Day one of the 28 day planking challenge.

Wish me luck! 😛


2017 goals

Do you have your 2017 goals set up?

I’m still working on my own. In general, I want to take my driving licence, pass the PMP certification, and help my kid get good grades on his exams. And maybe being a better mom.😳

Having good health and being a great person are the standards for every year, that’s why I didn’t include them in  the next year goals.



So, I’ve did it! I took the ASQ CSQE exam this morning. All I can say it’s that it was hard….and I did my best. At the end of the exam, I got a paper saying that the exam I have taken is a pilot exam for a new Body of Knowledge (BOK). Because of the lengthy process associated with analyzing the results of the pilot exams, my results will not be available for three weeks after the exam.

Now, my question is: Because it’s a pilot exam, is the passing rate higher? 🙂


What should I do?

If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.

If you are determined to learn, no one ca stop you.

– Unknown source

I am in the process of learning for the ASQ CSQE certification, and I feel I’m not quite there. I want to reschedule the exam, but I’m afraid that I will be in the same situation in 3 months from now. And, on top of that, I need to pay a $70 fee for rescheduling.

What do you recommend – should I give it a try now, or should I reschedule it?

I need some advice…can you help me?