Since this morning I have an appointment for a medical procedure,  I should just follow the above advice, right? 🙂


Stunning cakes

Open this link ( to see one of the most stunning cakes I’ve seen in my life.

Those below are just some examples:

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5 layers cake

Yesterday my kid showed me his result to this year English Reading exam. I was so proud of him – he got Level 5 (the best). When the teacher wrote the result in his school’s agenda, she told him – “You’ll have cake tonight, right?”.

And now my son wants a 5 layers cake – each layer for each one of the 5 levels from the exam he mastered. With a big “Congrats!” message on top of the cake.

And now me – I’m looking for a good recipe for a 5 layers cake. Do you have any healthy recipe?

I’m looking at something similar to these below.

tort-cu-crema-roz-si-alba-ok  5layers.png