Prove yourself




Honey and burns

Yesterday I burned myself (very bad) in 3 places while I was cooking something. In my original country, when something like that happen, we say that someone said something bad about yourself. The name of that person starts with the first letter of the food you burn yourself with. In my case – it started with “M”. Now I was thinking – my mother. Bless her, she’s the one to never say something bad about me. Next in the possible “suspects” is my mother-in-law.  Well, considering she is living in the same house with me this days, and how opinionated she is, she would have said it in my face. So she is out of the picture too. I do have a bunch of other people that I know with the name starting with “M”….
Well, dear people, it’s Christmas time, the most wonderful time of the year – please be more good. Don’t say something bad about other people and …let me cook!!!  😛

And as an advice,  if you get a burn – you can put honey on the burn to help with the healing. Repeat for a couple of days (depend how bad is the scar) and the scar will disappear in time.