New York

I’ve been to New Your for the first time in my life. To remember it, I put together my impressions and opinions about New York. If you find something that is wrong, please feel free to correct me. 

Okay, here they are:

  • From the highways on the way to NY from JFK airport, you can see big and quite scary graveyard lots
  • One if the first impressions that I got was that in NY there are nice/calm drivers – very few cars honked and there was no swearing or yelling.
  • There were lots of people walking everywhere and they were tourists, New Yorkers, or just people working in NY.
  • My kid (and to my surprise – my husband too) did not know that NY is also called the “big apple”
  •  Very nice city, with a lot of people. Actually, it’s a city with an interesting mix of people. It also has an interesting mix of old and new architecture.
  • Unfortunately, you can still see a lot of poor people in NY.
  • Buildings with A.C. units outside of the windows that look not nice – To tell the truth, they look ugly. Some of them don’t respect some of the new regulations – they need to have some support underneath, so the unit will not fall and kill someone from the sidewalk.
  • There is a building with a fire escape that is not finished – you get out of the building (to escape fire) to realize that you must go back inside, because the fire stairs are not finished.
  • Although they say that you can find everything in NY, I was surprised (in a good way) to not see too many crazy looking people (or not my style kind of people).
  • Center park is a build park or man-made or created by people. You will never see an overflowing of a lake because all the lakes are connected and the water level is level equally in all of them. To create the park, they need an empty land. To get that they used gunpowder to destroy what was there and they used more gunpowder used in a war (that I cannot remember).
  • In Center Park, we took a bike with a guy that told us some info about the park. It was expensive ($120+30), but the guy deserved the money – he was kind, very friendly, and a good guide. You can go with a carriage with a horse but the “trip”/route  was shorter and you cannot get all the info about the park, since the “driver” was not taking. Also, the smell can be a problem for some people since the horse’s route had a lot of horses’ poop.
  • We found out that in the Center Park, there is a fountain that looks like the one in Friends sitcom, but that one it’s not the original one, it is just a replica.
  • I was so happy to see linden tree and enjoy the beautiful smell of linden trees blossom – this reminded me of my hometown.
  • A lot of people were walking in the park, on a Wednesday (considering was a working day), but majority of them seemed to be tourists (like us).
  • Also in the park it’s a famous bridge and a nice guy was singing on a violin. We gave him some money, just because he created a beautiful atmosphere in the park and because I know is hard to sing at that instrument (at least it looks hard to me).
  • We visited the Imagine circle – in memory of John Lennon.  That is in an area called Strawberry fields. I am not sure why that aria is called Strawberry fields. Lennon apartment (Dakota building) was very close to the Center Park and we saw the placed where he was killed in 1980. The guy (Mark David Chapman) ask for his autograph and hours after that he shoot him 4 times. The killer said “I would become somebody “.  But now, he serves life in prison for his crime and the world lost a legend.
  • In New York there are  hop in-hop off busses. They are 2 company – CityCite.. +  B..  (sorry, can’t remember the names). One seemed to us that have more busses on the circuits, because we were waiting for ours a longer time. But we got a very nice ferry for free (it was included in the ticket) and we stayed in front of the bout, which was the perfect spot for seeing the Statue of Liberty in all her glory. In the bus, you can get good guides – some better than others, but they all tried (and most of them succeeded) to be funny and engaging people on the tour. A guide said a funny story – something along these lines: if you have a stroller and baby, make sure you get them both with you when you exit the bus. Because a family took the stroller but forgot the baby. Later one, that baby became a bus company manager.
  • In NY you can find food everywhere and whatever you like. Almost every other building was selling food and almost every store had a wide variety.
  • If you plan to buy gifts, be prepared because the gifts are very expensive. But then again, this is NY, so that is kind of expected.
  • NY is known for spectacular shows. Most of them start at 7 p.m. and they can last 2 h 45 minutes… For me that’s loooong, especially if you have a kid with you. Be sure to be at the show location with a half an hour early. It’s not worthy to spend 600$ on a show for a family and missed it because you got stacked in the traffic.
  • Some stores, or at least the ones in Time Square were opened until 12 am. That was WOW for me!
  • About the Statue of Liberty – it is not worth to go on the island because you can see it good with the ferry.
  • Another tall building was built near the 911 memorial (World Trade Center). That is the tallest building in the northern atmosphere. Some workers were afraid to work there in the beginning, but with time they stopped worrying.
  • After Trump was elected, it was a “Not my president” manifest and they have some boards that said “If it wasn’t for the emigrants, Trump would not have any wife”.  That was funny to know, especially for one like me that don’t watch news too often.
  • After a ceremony, when Hilary Clinton got a little sick, she did not want to go to the hospital, she went to her daughter place. Her daughter place is very close to the Sex museum (you know, Bill Clinton – “I did not have sex with that woman” scandal).
  • Regis Philbin (from ‘Live! with Regis and Kelly’ show) lived in the top floor of a building. The show was actually recorded in the building across the street from his building. That must be the world shortest commute to work and it’s hard to imagine being late.
  • Empire state building was built very fast – 18 months. Hard to imagine how they build it so fast in those work conditions. Worth to see until 86 floor, save 20$ and don’t go to 102 unless you want to go to an old elevator that is still manual functional. The best views are from 86 floor.
  • Rockefeller building is nice to see it too, but it has more life around it – the Rockefeller plaza is very nice
  • About the Nintendo store in NY – it’s an expensive store, not the best location, but still full of people. Maybe you need to be a fan to look for this specific store, otherwise it will be just another store in NY city.
  • I was impressed with M&M store – it’s big and in a very good location with a lot of “crap” (erasers, baby clothes, pencils, t-shirts, jackets, pants, pajamas, socks, bookmarks, key-chains – just to name a few) that can fool the kids and grown-ups. My kid got a cup – New York on the side and Girls rule on the other. We found that too late to have time to return it. And since he is a boy, he was terrified to be associated with that cup. So now, I am the proud owner of a brown plastic cup.
  • Did you know that is only one US president born in Manhattan? This president is Roosevelt. And in total, only 2 presidents were born in NY – Roosevelt and D. Trump (who was born in Queens).
  • In the Upper-town area – you can find a liquid store just next to a church.
  • My kid sneezed when we were on the bus, in the Time Square. The bus guide asked us who sneezed and I pointed to my boy. The guide said: “Bless you! It’s ok to sneeze in Time Square!”.
  • There are just a few gas stations in New York City, so make sure you have enough gas in your car before going in the city.
  • A lot (or the majority) of the buildings have a of water towers on the roof. This is because most buildings in the city taller than six stories need some sort of water tower and pumping system to provide water pressure to tenants. Even the new constructions have that a water tank/tower on the roof, but the new architects found clever way to hide them, so in most the cases, the last floor is a fake one.
  • A common mistake is to ask the question “Is New York an island?”  “New York” is a state, and “New York City” is a city, and the heart of New York City is Manhattan Island.