UEFA-Euro 2016

UEFA – Euro 2016 started yesterday. Today is going to be England vs Russia. And I can’t believe that I live the day when I’m cheering for Russia. Me – the person that, for some unknown reason, I don’t like Russions.

The only reason for this is because I want other teams/countries that never win to have a fantastic opportunity. In other words, I’m cheering for the underdog.

So, let’s go you all un-favorite teams! Now is your time to shine!


A different kind of exercises

I just watched 3 cool videos with this guy.  They are 3-part core training series. And this guy (Dave Smith)…oh boy, I give him an A+. That’s because he can still explaine so calm and nice while doing all those crazy and hard exercises.  🙂

After watching the videos, the only exercise that I think (and hope) that I can do is windshield wiper.

OK, no more talking; here are the videos:

😉 🙂

Aren’t they hard? Or it’s just ME?