This is a cute and very creative way to encourage kids before an exam.

My kid got it yesterday from his teacher.

Thank you, Mrs. A!



This new generation

This video made me think – I’m a parent too, and one of my kid is a little addicted to video games and watching on Youtube how some gamer/youtuber plays.

We, as parents, need to take him outside more and make him realize that life is beautiful and more fulfilling than staying in front of a computer.

History PhD

I was intrigued enough to take a history test today and now I feel very proud of myself. 😜

Thanks to my European heritage, my teachers, and my reading – I scored 92%. I still need to learn more about American presidents and about Chinese history…


If you want to test your history knowledge, use this link:,1517196016,khp22i8u

Ah, another thing – should I mention I was a history national champion in 8th grade?