It’s that Me?

This can be me, at any time or day.




Sunday night I couldn’t sleep, so Monday at work I was like a zombie. I’ve promised myself I will go to bed early. And although I try to watch the dance free skate at the Olympics (Pyeongchang, South Korea), I fall asleep a little before 11. That was last night and I can honestly say that sleep is one of the best thing that you can do for your body.

Talking about good things for you – reading and relaxation are also on the list. If you can combine them, than even better. 🙂


Rose Weasley

I am a big fan of Harry Potter world. And I read a lot (and I really mean a lot) of fan-fiction stories with the new HP generation. Out of the whole bunch of new kids, I am a fan of stories with Rose Weasley. Lately, I found this photo for a version of Rose that I really like – she is the perfect combination of her parents.

What do you think, she can look like this, right?