Isn’t this a nice idea? I like it! I wanted to do something similar, but with two kids, the effect would not be the same.

I apologize to those people – I found this picture on Facebook and I thought it would give people ideas for an interesting family photo. For an extra effect, you can also take a picture from the front. This couple did and I have the photo, but I do not want to show their faces.


Do you have a flower that reminds you of something?

Just some flowers that remind me at my hometown. We have a tulip festival and the main flower of the town is tulip. The flower arrangements in the downtown are also in the tulip form, and in the middle of the city is a big tulip artesian fountain.

And you know, if you have too much of a specific thing, you start loosing interest. Maybe because I’ve seen tulips in almost every corner of the city and because they were the main flowers you get and offer with some special occasion, I started not to like them that much. I started craving for something different, for a different flower.
But from time to time, there are some exceptional tulips that capture my attention again. And just like that, I like tulips again.