Titanic in colors

See the article below with beautiful colorized photos of life on the Titanic before it sank.

I personally cried a little.




I found this picture on Facebook, with the following comment – “I have never seen anything describe parenting more than this picture.”


The new couple

I just love this picture – love her dress, the way it looks on her, love that he leads the way, in a protective kinda way, love his sharp look.

There were a lot of comments about the royal wedding – I personally don’t care. I only wish happiness and love for them. It’s their life, not mine to comment. Besides, they are UK royals – we are on such a different level…

What do you think – Do you like the picture?




Isn’t this a nice idea? I like it! I wanted to do something similar, but with two kids, the effect would not be the same.

I apologize to those people – I found this picture on Facebook and I thought it would give people ideas for an interesting family photo. For an extra effect, you can also take a picture from the front. This couple did and I have the photo, but I do not want to show their faces.