Happy Red Nose Day!!!



Don’t forget to buy some red noses, donate, and make someone smile. 


Driving license

Today is an important day for me – I finally got my driving license.  Hurray!!!

I am now allowed to drive by myself. Stay indoors – You’ve been warned!!!

Now, on a serious note –  I’m still shaking, but I’m happy and proud of myself. All I should do now is to hit the road and enjoy the drive! Carefully and safety. But again, I always drove like that. I will just keep focus always on the road and be patient while driving. God is with me and I will do good!




Isn’t this a nice idea? I like it! I wanted to do something similar, but with two kids, the effect would not be the same.

I apologize to those people – I found this picture on Facebook and I thought it would give people ideas for an interesting family photo. For an extra effect, you can also take a picture from the front. This couple did and I have the photo, but I do not want to show their faces.