Ladies, and especially moms – what do you think – is this the truth?


International Workers’ Day

A lot of countries celebrate Labor Day on May 1st.

If you are celebrating this – Enjoy the day, have  fun and do no labor, on Labor day! 😛




Rest In Peace

I am in complete shock.

One of my coworkers passed away this Saturday. She had cancer. The thing that scared me the most was that the whole time-frame, from discovering the cancer untill her death only took 3 weeks….

She didn’t have a chance to meet her first grand-daughter. And she was so looking forward to spoil the kid.

I was really hoping she would recover. But I just have to remember that God has a plan for everyone and we need to trust Him.

We will all miss you, L! At least I know I will. I feel like I still see you walking on the hallway. For sure you left this world too early.

Rest in peace, my friend!