Pray for me

If you have time, pray for me – my spleen is “killing” me for 4 days. And the doctor appointment is only tomorrow morning.

I know the reason behind all this pain – the stress from work. We have to finish a project and since I’m leading the team that is involved, I fell the pressure more than others.

As an advice (that I personally seems not to follow) – take care of yourself! Put yourself and your family first!

Am am fully aware that I’m killing myself for a job that would replace me as soon as possible if I drop dead. But it’s in my nature to give 110% of my time and energy to finish on time.

So, God help me to overcome the stress, overcome the pain, and to finish on time!



Shake it

Since the bathrooms in my office are closed for some renovations, we were advised to use the bathrooms from other levels. When I did that, I found something in the women’s bathroom worth sharing.



Cool, right?

I usually use 3 paper towels to dry my hands, but I have tried this approach and I only had to use one.

Now I feel proud – I saved a little and if each one of us will be doing the same, then we will live in a better place.