15 Illustrations Showing That Being a Woman Is an Art

I found a page with 15 illustrations showing that being a woman is an art.

Love them – they are so funny.

For a complete list, access this link: https://brightside.guru/inspiration-girls-stuff/15-illustrations-showing-that-being-a-woman-is-an-art-331610/


Two programmers

You had to be a programmer or understand coding to really appreciate this joke:

Two programmers bought cigarettes:
– Look what it says here on the package: Warning: smoking can cause lung cancer!
– Forget the warnings, read only the errors!


Great mom

Since is Mother’s Day here in USA, and I am a mom too, I want to share a funny thing about me.

When I had my youngest son, my older one bought me this mug when he came for the first time to see me and his little brother in the hospital.


Apparently the divinity knew I was not that great, because after a few months I chipped the mug. 😳😜


I don’t use it anymore, but I keep it, because it’s cute, and it was a nice gift from one of my favorite people in the whole world.