Do you have an active kid? I do. I would lie to you if I’ll say that the though of buying or creating a hourglass chair did not cross my mind for a couple of times.

But sadly, I’ve realized that will be a waste of my money – the kid will not sit on it and will not learn to stay still just because I’ll put him on that chair.

The only remaining thing is to crate this chair for your fun. You cam make your own hourglass chair using the image or the link below.


How to DIY Sand Filled Time-Out Stool

A little tip for parents: we used to have a fun game in my native country. My fiends and I used to gather together and say this phrase: “At the neighbor door is a dead cat. The first person who will talk or move, will eat the cat.” And we’ve giggled and we’ve laughed at the poor first friend who moved or talked. It was fun and we’ve learned to stay still for a few minutes.

Try it with your kids!

I can win against my kid at any time. What can I say? – I had a lot of practice.  😛


The answer

You know that you can ask questions about a product that you want to buy from Amazon.com.

Yesterday, a colleague of mine was looking for a fan on Amazon site and started laughing. He showed me what a person ask and what was the answer he got. After reading it, I laughed too. Read it yourself and let me know if you find it funny.

Question: Is this fan working in the dark?
Answer: Yes, unless the dark is cause by a power failure.