Today’s advice


P.S. Did you notice what day is in the picture?


Your best advice


I saw this one on Facebook. This first advice that cross my mind was “Be thankful you’re alive!“. Then I looked at other answers and I put together a list with other advises that I liked.

Live life to the fullest!
Appreciate what you have!
Everything can be replaced but not your life!
Take nothing for granted!
Don’t do drugs!
Live, love, laugh, pray!
Never give up hope!
Don’t give up easily!
Stay true to yourself!
Could always be worse.
Never settle for mediocre!
Never sell yourself short!
Keep your head up!
Use common sense!
Do not freak out!
Take care of yourself!
Live live without regrets!
Stay true in the dark, humble in the spotlight!
Believe in something greater!
Don’t forget to pray!
Just go with it!
Listen to your parents!
Embrace opportunity!
Hope for the best!
Pray and hold your loved ones close!
Forgiveness, love unconditionally, trust!
Patience, Kindness, Prayer, Thankfulness!
Never stop dreaming!
Never stop believing!
Count your blessings!