Acacia flower

Today I remembered one of my mother sweets, from my childhood.

I love acacia flowers, and I usually eat them just like that – raw. But my mother used to make some pancakes using those flowers. Delicious delicate sweets! I don’t know her recipe, but I did a quick search and I found this recipe. Maybe one day my mother will cook them again for me, as long as I’m at her house when acacia trees bloom.

Do you like acacia flowers? Did you eat those pancakes with acacia flowers?


Cake contest

Today we watched Nailed It! show on Netflix. This show is about ordinary people trying to recreate a masterpiece cake. Some people are really, really bad, but full of confidence. Loved their spirit.

So, my older kid decided we should have a family cake contest. And since Easter is coming, the cake theme was Easter egg.

See below the final cakes. Please choose the one that you like the most. I will not tell you which one was mine, since I don’t want influence your vote.

Cake #1:


Cake # 2: