Lock the door!

Today we went to see some home models at a new community. Not because we want to buy a new house – we already have one – but because we like to see new ideas on decorations.

So there were 13 models and towards the end of the “visit”, I was the last one from my family who got in the house. By instinct, I closed the door and lock it. After a few seconds I realized what I have done, so I went back and unlock it.

Haha…It really was a beautiful house, I would have liked to call it “home”, but the asking price was a little bit over my budget.  😛


My pajamas

Last night I was wearing my Christmassy pajamas and my kid asked me: “Mom, what are you wearing? It’s not winter time.”

I smiled at him and told him that I actually have 3 reasons for my night appearance:

1. I look very good in red (I dare to say that I look sexy, but he doesn’t have to know that) 😳😜

2. Who cares what clothes I wear in my house at night?

3. A lot of stores have “Christmas in July”, so why can’t I have Christmas pajamas in July?

What do you think, am I right?

Love You Forever

Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

I found yesterday a beautiful book. I actually cried after I was done reading it. Some mothers will really like it. Later on, I found the audio version and I posted it here. Just listen to it!

Kudos to the author – he expressed in a very interesting manner a mother’s life.