I found this picture on Facebook, with the following comment – “I have never seen anything describe parenting more than this picture.”



Sibling Day

What a day…miss you, my  “little” sister! ❤

Note: she is shorter, but older. When we were kids, the majority of people thought that I was the oldest, just because I was taller than her.

Sibling Day.jpg

Cake contest

Today we watched Nailed It! show on Netflix. This show is about ordinary people trying to recreate a masterpiece cake. Some people are really, really bad, but full of confidence. Loved their spirit.

So, my older kid decided we should have a family cake contest. And since Easter is coming, the cake theme was Easter egg.

See below the final cakes. Please choose the one that you like the most. I will not tell you which one was mine, since I don’t want influence your vote.

Cake #1:


Cake # 2:



That’s love

I just had a hard week (last week) – I had unexpected gallbladder removal surgery.

My husband was my rock – he did a fantastic job. He stayed with me in the hospital as much as he could, and also supported the rest of the family by dropping-off / picking-up the kids from school, buying groceries, putting the kids to bed, and also working.

I am very proud of him. Because I know it was hard on him, I know it was out of his comfort zone, it was something new for him. But he did it, even with a smile on his face.

Hey baby – I found this picture online, and I thought of you. Love you – Thank you for everything! ❤️