Celebrate world book and copyright day

Today – April 23, we celebrate world book and copyright day.


Don’t forget to read extra today! 😁 The world of books is as beautiful and vast as you want.



Smiles for today

I know it is Monday and it’s hard to go back to work or school. Let’s smile a little and enjoy the day. Feel blessed to live another day – some didn’t have this privilege.


More funny answers/pictures at this location: http://definition.org/kids-funny-test-answers/1


Sunday night I couldn’t sleep, so Monday at work I was like a zombie. I’ve promised myself I will go to bed early. And although I try to watch the dance free skate at the Olympics (Pyeongchang, South Korea), I fall asleep a little before 11. That was last night and I can honestly say that sleep is one of the best thing that you can do for your body.

Talking about good things for you – reading and relaxation are also on the list. If you can combine them, than even better. 🙂


This new generation

This video made me think – I’m a parent too, and one of my kid is a little addicted to video games and watching on Youtube how some gamer/youtuber plays.

We, as parents, need to take him outside more and make him realize that life is beautiful and more fulfilling than staying in front of a computer.