Something new

First time in my life decorating the Easter eggs this way – with Easter eggs  wrappers. They look cute, right?




If you have only some pieces from your dominoes game (like I do), this clock is a very clever, fun, and crafty idea. Use your imagination to create different designs.

Find joy, and happiness in small things!


Fix or no fix?

I ordered online some earrings, and I was very disappointed when they come in. The earrings did not match the picture on their website at all. They had the gold hook, and a dirty silver body. The “stone” was not the same shape as online, and looked slightly different from one earring to the other. In other words – they were kinda ugly, or to say it nice – they were not what I was expected.


Looking at them, I had an idea – to use one of my nail polish to change them. And I apply that idea right away. See below the final result.

What do you think – are they better looking now? Or I made them worse?