500 Thank you!!!

I am so blessed to reach 500 followers. I can’t believe it, considering I am a simple, regular person, with a simple blog.



This number means a lot to me – it was actually my end of the year goal. It looks like I made it half way there.  Hurray!!!

Thank you for following, for reading my posts, for your comments, and for your support!!!

Thank you for the bottom of my heart for everything!  ❤️



I want it back

I am so so upset – by mistake, I’ve activated a blog theme that I don’t want. And my old theme was replaced with the new one.

The problem is that my old theme is no longer available (or available for free) and I cannot rollback. I am soooooo upset. I want my old theme back!!!

Do you know how to roll back an old theme?

I bet there is some information on the net, but I’m at work and I cannot spend time to “fix” my personal blog.


Today is an excellent day – one of my New Year resolutions is completed.  I just hit the 300 followers milestone for my blog!


Thank you, guys! 😁🎉👏🍀🤪

Haha … What are some people talking about? No, I don’t feel any pressure… If I don’t post for a while, or if I post something stupid or inappropriate, it will be okay – I will only disappoint 300 people. 😳😓

But now let’s talk seriously – It is an honor and a pleasure to have so many followers on my blog. A big Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I will try my best not to let you down!


We all live crazy and busy life. Taking a few minutes from your time to read/check on my blog it means a lot to me. I like to post and I have days when I feel that your likes and your comments are the only things that keep me going.

Bless you and us all!

And let’s archive our thoughts, and live life to the fullest!