Have you ever been in this situation? I know I have.



A champion in Heaven

I can’t believe it – it feels like yesterday I saw him on TV.

For sure he will be missed by more than just his family, F1 fans, and Β friends. Because he was a true champion, a great sportsman, a legend, a caracter, a man with vision, and great determination.


Rest in peace Niki Lauda.

Acacia flower

Today I remembered one of my mother sweets, from my childhood.

I love acacia flowers, and I usually eat them just like that – raw. But my mother used to make some pancakes using those flowers. Delicious delicate sweets! I don’t know her recipe, but I did a quick search and I found this recipe. Maybe one day my mother will cook them again for me, as long as I’m at her house when acacia trees bloom.

Do you like acacia flowers? Did you eat those pancakes with acacia flowers?