Last race

Did you see today the 100 meters race from London? Well, for sure it did not go as we all anticipated.

In his final 100-meter race,  Usain Bolt was beaten by the American Justin Gatlin.

I was sad for Bolt – it was his last race. But happy for the American. Not because I live in America. No. I was happy only because it was so sad to see the American kinda being always the second, just behind Bolt. Today it was his day to shine and I think he really deserve it.

Big congrats to Christian Coleman who took silver. Surprisingly, he is not as much in the news. I know that it always has been a competition between Bolt and Gatlin, but let’s give some credit to Christian Coleman too. He is only 21 and has a full career in front of him. I will say it, for the majority (who forgot) – Good job, man! Excellent accomplishment!

World Athletics Championships


P.S. Something funny – for me, as a non-native English speaker, when I first heard about Usain Bolt I thought that they said “You say Bolt”. 😛