Parking in front of a mailbox on Sunday

I am in a bad mood now – I had a fight with my neighbor today. He is one of those people how love to party, and because of this our street is full of cars. Today was not the first time some of his guests parked in front of my mailbox. I know is Sunday, but still. We were actually expected some pills from my mother-in-low. So I got pissed and I put a note on the windshield of the car closed to my mailbox with this message: “Please don’t block my mailbox in the future. Thanks!”. I found the note put back on my mailbox a few hours later. My neighbor approached me telling me that is was not OK for me to put the note on the car, and our gesture was a little ridiculous (he actually did not use that word, but something along this line – I am too upset so I cannot remember exactly). He also told me I should have talk with him first and even if I would have done it, they would have not moved the car, because it was not  something illegal because it’s Sunday, they have the right to park there because it’s not on my property. It’s on the public road in front of my house.

According to him, if I have to get one to one evaluation, I’m the one who did something wrong because I touched his brother property by lifting the windshield to put the note. And that it’s not OK in America.

He also tried to bring the American card (but I told him that I’m a citizen too) and maybe because I was not in America for too long (and he was wrong, because I am here for almost half of my life), I don’t know that mail does not come on Sunday. He also use that expression, that some Americans use with emigrants – “Do you understand what I’m saying or do you want me explain it to you again?” Like I was a stupid person…I still cannot believe it.

Now I’am asking American citizens – Who is more crazy in this situation – me or him? Be honest, I want your opinion. It’s not in my nature to fight with people, but this neighbor is bringing the worst out of me.





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