Still together


Happy anniversary for my husband and me!

We have 14 years together….Wow, how fast the time flies.

As a normal, obsessed with numbers wife, I made the summary of those 14 years:

  • 2 kids – both of them healthy, beautiful, and smart, but very stubborn
  • 5 addresses
  • 5 cars, the last one being a van (yes, I know some people said we downgrade it)
  • 1 fight between us that triggered one sleepless night
  • 3 fights with my mother-in-low
  • 2 jobs for me, one job for him
  • 2 countries
  • one important diet that help us lose weight and to look like younger us. That attracted a lot of women’s attention to my hubby.  😛  Hands down, ladies! He is married for 14 years.
  • countless memories
  • endless love
  • 1 happy family



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