Too many prayers/wishes?

Did you ever think that you ask God too many requests? I can say that this thought crossed my mind a couple of times. I still have, from time to time, a feeling that we have a limited number of wishes and we should hold on to them. Because it’s good to ask important prayers (like “Keep me and my family in good health!”) than small, not so important ones (like “Help me find fast the keys!”).

I am also very guilty in forgetting to say thank you to God. I should appreciate what I have and be happy with the current social and financial situation. Although I always say “that it’s always room for good, but also for bad too”, I don’t enjoy my life the way I should. I know that my life now is way better than what I had when I was a kid, but I have sometimes the tendency to look at my friends and wish to have what they have. But, if I pay closely attention, in most cases, I’m almost always in a better spot than they are. I just fail to recognize it.

Did you ever feel like that? Or I am the only crazy person out here?



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