Not happy… :(

I am so pissed off right now. I went yesterday with my husband to buy dress shirts for him. We bought a lot – like 15 dress shirts, 5 dress pants, two t-shirts, one suite, and one tie. All the shirts looked so good on my husband.

But, tonight my mother-in-low wanted to see the dress shirts. And by magic, my husband has a tiny belly. So she came to my room and told me very seriously the we need to change all the shirts because all of them are small. First thing that crossed my mind was -“How came they all fit yesterday? What the heck happened”. Is it possible to grow a belly in a day?

I am aware that the shirts are all 100% cotton, but still. Ia a half size (from 15.5 to 16) making the difference?  Are they going to shrink that bad after the first wash?

Is my time/day and money wasted in vain?



One thought on “Not happy… :(

  1. Went to the mall and changed 4 shirts with new ones, a 1/2 size bigger. Also bought a new dress shirt (just for backup). If the rest of the shirts will shrink is only in God’s hands. 🙂 And we are taking the risk. 😛

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