Winter fun

And because I’m in a very good mood, let’s have some fun with some cartoons.

552357038ff042555b34948a5afce447                7ef850dca490575e40914c6bb7242972

324f59d632055abfa248f93596abdf1c  0f95417b7720999c704c6155d4b8ca98.jpg

43b366d841e6016bd8a631780852e8db  funny-winter-joke-2014


8d13c6199a1a71aef18e836c519d209d   'If we eat all the snowflakes, Dad won't have to shovel the driveway.'

aaeaaqaaaaaaaao0aaaajgywzda5ogi1lti5nzctngu2os1hntaxlwzmzduwnjvhmzu3nw     c9bba8c786a49fc420128f0f9f845049129700xcitefun-koterba3129696xcitefun-reindeer-stoptoon-1103bz-panel-12-28-13snowman






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