Happy New Year!


New Year to bring you good health, peace, and prosperity!


2017 goals

Do you have your 2017 goals set up?

I’m still working on my own. In general, I want to take my driving licence, pass the PMP certification, and help my kid get good grades on his exams. And maybe being a better mom.😳

Having good health and being a great person are the standards for every year, that’s why I didn’t include them in  the next year goals.


My Christmas gift

I got one of the best gifts for Christmas – something that all parents want and it’s very hard to obtain = SLEEP.

On Christmas day, I took a nap with my toddler and it was SUPERB.

Last time I had some extra sleep was more then 2 years ago. I am sooo happy with my gift this year. 🙂

Did you get the present that you wanted?