Hot guy

I am a little ashamed right now – I’m a married woman… but don’t you find this guy attractive?

My hubby is still the standard for me, but this geek-ish guy looks good… A friend of mine told me that he is an actor or a known person. I have no clue who he is. Do you know him? I like him because he looks hot with those glasses.

Maybe I’ll buy some fake glasses for my man…😜




Small potato


We have a joke at work – we call ourselves Small Potatoes. The reason behind this is that I got a very unprofessional answer to a request; when I asked for something, the guy said in my face: “I have big fish to fry and you are a small potato.”

I was so shocked…From that day, I called myself a “small potato” and my team “small potatoes”.

I found the above picture on the net and I had to save it. It was, after all, about a small potato. 😜😉😄