Again about marriage

Again about marriage….. Love this song and I love Gretchen’s voice (live performance…). Also I looked to see what people commented and one of the comments got my attention. It is so nicely said, that I had to added on my blog.

Enjoy the video, the song and the comment! Don’t forget to be good with your wife/husband! 🙂

“Marriage is not about getting along all of the time, we fall out, but hey, love endures anyway. That’s the nature of it. Couples nowadays often give up too soon and an argument is the end of the world. But it’s not – you forgive, because neither one is perfect and we all have our imperfections and stupidities. We’re human. Love is a giving and receiving thing. It goes wrong when one person tries to take all and doesn’t give back what the other person deserves.”

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