My New Year (2007) resolutions

My New Year (2007) resolutions:

– I want to become a mother (I want twins but if God thinks this is not a good idea – I’ll be happy with just one baby)
– I will learn how to drive my car and take my driving license.
– I will take a good care of my health and will be fit the whole year. I will practice every day Yoga, Pilates and some gym exercises.
– I will enjoy my life more, be optimistic and happy.
– I will be organized and disciplined. I will go early to bed and also wake up early.
– I will learn English very well – by the end of may I expect to speak fluently
– I will learn Illustrator, SQL, PowerPoint, Dreamweaver and some other useful stuff.
– I will make better and more interesting photos
– to keep this blog more interesting

For now this is what I have in mind. If I decided that need more resolutions I will add them to my list later.