How far are you?

I still believe that staying home helps a lot. I am sorry for all the people struggling financially, because I know it’s a tough time for them. I can consider myself blessed, because my job can be done from home too.
Stay safe, guys! No matter the situation you are in!
Stay safe and healthy – for you, for your family, for your friends, and even for me!


Homemade elder-flowers syrup

Who was lucky to enjoy some homemade elder-flowers syrup in his/her childhood?

I did, and even today I still remember the taste. Delicious! My parents always replaced the sugar with honey, and I think they add some yeast to make it carbonated (soft drink). Or something like that, I just can’t remember exactly.  All I know is that it was produced by the natural fermentation of elder flowers (Sambucus nigra) in a lemon and honey. Adding some ice cubes, and just like that – summer was there.

The elder-flower syrup was one of my favorite drinks when I was a kid.