Gluten free beer

Today I saw something I have never seen before – dark (or darker than the normal one) gluten-free beer. It is made from millet and buckwheat.

I got this Glutenberg beer from Total Wine & More store. It was an interesting surprise. I got one more beer can from the same brand – a blonde beer. That one was in a blue can. Later on, I found out they have more than just two options. Just ask in the store or search for them online.

I want to say that I have absolutely no relationship with this brand. I just want to share with people who are following a gluten-free lifestyle and want to try something new.

Drink responsibly! Cheers, guys!

2022 – I am ready!

I am so ready to start a new year, a new adventure in my life.

I have so many plans and so many ideas, I need to prioritize them to make sure I can achieve them, and not be all over the place. Because, you know, “a good plan is a goal half done”.

My New Year resolution includes:

– enjoy every moment of my life;

– spend more time with my loved ones and better show my love to my kids and my husband;

– smile more and be more patient with my family;

– every day to read, listen, or watch something funny, that will give me a good laugh;

– get in a better shape;

– exercise at least 10 minutes every day;

– learn something that will make me advance in my career – and I will not tell you what exactly, because I need a card up my sleeve;

– continue to grow my cooking YouTube channel and update my other YouTube channel;

– believe more in myself, in my family’ support, and in God.

Did you make your plans for 2022? I hope you did, and I wish you all to succeed! 🙏