Back to black

Today we went to Hooters for lunch and I’ve heard a song that I liked a lot. I did not have Internet connection, so I could not use my Amazon phone (the firefly application) to find out what song it was. But I remembered some words and I googled it after lunch. For me it was like an old song, sang by an middle-aged black lady.

I was a completely surprised to find out the singer. But yes, God showed me again that I should not judge people based on the physical appearance.

So, the song is called “Back to black” and the singer is Amy Winehouse.

Hope you like it!

Good job on this one Amy, and sorry for not knowing your work!

English – one to one – 2 October 2015

As you probably figured it out,  English it’s not my first language. A couple of weeks ago, I had a conversation with one of my work collogue about how to use correct the comma before the ‘and’ word. The way I was thought to write (in my mother tongue) this rule (put a comma before the ‘and’) was a big no-no. But in English, it’s different. And believe me, for a non- English speaker, this is something we have to learn (for some of us, the hard way). :)

My friend was very kind and have shared a photo with me, a photo that is funny and very explanatory at the same time.

Now it will be easy to remember the example and follow the rule.


Enjoy English guys!