The 22 of October

October 22 – what a day it is for me…

10 years ago I lost my first child. I was one month pregnant…

I cried for weeks and I promised myself to remember this day (October 22) for the rest of my life. When I have bad days, I remind  myself that wherever the problem is, the day cannot get worst than October 22, 2006.

But God was good to me and now I’m a mother of two beautiful boys. I have days when I look at them and I still can’t believe I’m a MOM.

Maybe I had to have a day as October 22, 2006 to appreciate any other day in my life.

Bad mom

I am such a bad mother…I didn’t want to blame it on the job, but today was not a good day for me. I ignored my kid’s complaints about his injured arm (yesterday he injured his arm on the monkey’s bar) because I thought that swimming is important for him….and we got to the swimming lessons exactly when the lesson was over. We were supposed to be there a half hour EARLY. And I was the one who said the “supposed” hour and I was 100% sure it was the good one. But I messed up the days. We have the swimming lesson at 7:30 on Tuesday, not today. 😞

The kid cried his eyes out in the car, but there was nothing I could have done.

To make him stopped crying, I promised him a Kinder egg, like letting him eat sugar so late in the evening was a good idea (how stupid of me!). And then I had the nerve to ask myself why he doesn’t want to sleep…

Yep, I am a bad mom…😢